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These companies realized that it is possible to make money out of recycling, reducing costs and increasing the profit margin. The recycling process contributes a lot to minimize the amount of garbage as well as the impacts of waste on the environment, such as soil, water and air pollution. It also reduces the extraction of raw materials that would be used to produce new products, collaborates with public cleaning and public health e generates jobs.

The concept of recycling is simple and well known, especially by the companies specialized in waste treatment and managing. Besides its benefits and importance, recycling holds 4th place in the priority order established by the National Solid Waste Policy, thus becoming an obligation to be met in order to abide by the law. Check out how to make money out of recycling!

A concept that is simple but worth remembering!

Recycling is the process of reusing the waste that has no further use in the process. The recycling technique consists of changing the physical, physiochemical or biological state of the waste so as to give it characteristics that will allow it to become again raw material or a product.

By employing sets of techniques, the waste originates a new product or a new raw material. Consequently, both the production of waste and its accumulation in the environment is decreased, and so is the environmental impact.

Such sets of techniques range from the separation of garbage by material (plastic, paper, metal and glass are some examples) until its final transformation into another product.

The Ministry of the Environment classifies recycling as one of the most advantageous alternatives of waste treatment. In other words, you can make money by recycling waste. Through recycling, we reduce the consumption of natural resources, save energy and water, reduce the volume of garbage and give jobs to thousands of people.

Best types of waste to recycle for making money


In order to make money out of waste recycling, the first step is to find out which the best and most profitable materials to recycle are. Check them out:

Aluminum cans

Among all types of dry waste, aluminum cans are number one when it comes to recycling in Brazil. A report published in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo in June 2016 shows that 98.14% were reused in the country, whereas the world average is 75%.

Such big success is mainly due to the physiochemical properties of aluminum. Aluminum is a metal that can be recycled infinitely though maintaining practically the same quality as the primary material. Another advantage is that its collection and compaction are much facilitated precisely because he is very pliable and ductile, therefore excellent for mechanization and casting. Besides, the quantity of cans is abundant all over the country, with no seasonal interruptions.

The price of a kilo of aluminum cans ranges from R$ 3.00 to R$ 4.00 in the recycling market.

Paper and cardboard


The recycling of wastepaper, reusing cellulose fibers, can generate new paper or different raw materials. There are several types of paper that can be recycled, but some types are more profitable. Turning wastepaper into new raw materials not only generates profits for the waste treatment companies but also contributes to sustainability.

The price of the kilo of cardboard in the recycling market ranges from R$ 0.15 to R$ 0.30.



Most plastics sold, especially packs, become waste in less than a year, or after a single use.
The types of plastic whose sale is easier to negotiate are thermoplastics, as they may be processed multiple times by the same or by another transformation process.
The most common types of plastic sold are listed below:
• PET: polyethylene terephthalate;
• HDPE: high density polyethylene;
• PVC: polyvinyl chloride;
• LDPE or PE-LD: low density polyethylene;
• PP: polypropylene;
• PS: polystyrene;
• PLA: polylactic acid.
The price of the kilo of PET bottle in the recycling market ranges from R$ 0.50 to R$ 1.20.

Tips to open a recycling company


Waste recycling is an excellent business for companies that deal with waste treatment.
In order to make money out of recycling, some essential information about the business is required.

The first step in the operation of the future enterprise – which is characterized as non-hazardous waste collection (code 3811-4/00), according to the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE) – is knowing where to install the company.

It should be installed where there is a considerable supply of waste so as to keep the business running. In addition, the entrepreneur will need to establish partnerships with associations or cooperatives of waste pickers.

It is important to learn about the municipality’s Solid Waste Management Plan, where information that regulates and gives guidelines to the activity in that location can be found.

It is important to check which licenses are required and the specific legislation. The types of licenses required for your enterprise are:
• operating license or permit;
• inspection and compliance with safety standards;
• environmental license.

We conclude that waste recycling is a great business opportunity and that waste should not be thrown away under any circumstances. Making money by recycling waste has been one of the subjects most studied by the waste treatment companies, due to the increasing competition. Technology has allowed various materials to be now recycled and thus generate additional revenue for the buyers.

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